Netlify CMS 2.4.0

by Shawn Erquhart on February 8, 2019

Netlify CMS 2.4.0 is out with significant bugfixes, like working validation for nested fields, and some nice new features, including Deploy Preview Links and a new Map widget!

Release Notes



  • Markdown widget parsing improvements - leading/trailing whitespace (@papandreou in #1517)
  • Relation widgets in a list no longer swap values after drag and drop (@barthc in #2018)
  • Defining custom frontmatter delimiters with an array works (@daneden in #1997)
  • Use label instead of value in select widget when using multiple select (@selaux in #2054
  • Field validation now works for nested fields (inside of object or list widget) (@barthc in #1873)
  • Fix preview reliability issue for relation widget (@barthc in #2011)